Being connected

Streaming and creating content is time-consuming and challenging. The platform is serving different features for discoverability and tools to optimise your content.

In the following described features I would like to show you what is already possible on

Discord Bot Homie

Awesome with extra ordinary flexibility

Modular features you are able to activate for your Discord.

Apex Legends Rank

Display current rank from an player by using slashcommands. Autorole assignment. Registered users will be automatically assigned to roles which reflects there current rank. Everything configurable of course.

Self-assignable roles

This feature is very advanced. You can either give yourself a role with a command or with a role menu.

Verification system

The verification system allows you to verify that the people joining are humans using google's reCAPTCHA. The users will gain the verified role once they pass the verification process.

SocialMedia feeds

  • Fast Reddit feeds (within one minute)
  • Fast YouTube feeds (within a few minutes)
  • Join / Leave messages in a specific channel (configurable)
  • Direct messages on join (configurable)


Enable automatically giving rep when someone says "thanks @user" or variations of it. This feature needs to be removed in future.

General moderation

Kick, Ban and Clean, Advanced cleaning parameters, Timed mutes and bans, Modlog with kicks, bans, mutes and warnings, Message to the person being warned / kicked / muted / banned, Message logs, Warnings

Feedback loop

The important value

The waterfall model should finally been replaced, even if it does not always correspond to reality. For me It's the feedback loop which makes HNET so special. The individual functions are adapted, expanded or new ones added in the smallest possible steps. These small steps make the whole project very flexible and agile in the development process. The feedback can be implemented much more faster. Currently 26 people are the feedback loop and I am personally very proud of the engagement!

User statements

“Ich benutze den Homies Discord-Bot schon seit gut 6 Monaten und kann sagen, ich bin sehr happy. Er ist schneller als alle anderen Bots bei dem posten wenn ich meinen Stream starte oder sonst ein post von mir auf einer anderen Plattform kommt wie beispielsweise auf Twitter. Der Bot ist einfach eine 10/10. Wenn etwas ist kann man den Dev auch instant Anschreiben also ez gefällt mir.”