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Discord bot got a lot of technical changes

Twitter, YouTube, Twitch..a lot of plugins updated last night. Released this morning and everything looks stable. If you are missing any entries, I am sorry. I had to transfer the database. The entries will be synchronized or you can just add the missing entries.

Not only technically, the bot has changed also the functionality. Some function has now become part of Discord, such as the moderation function. It makes little sense to offer a custom implementation for a function that is covered by Discord itself. For this reason I have reduced the plugins.

This will help of course to reduce the amount of time spending into maintenance the bot. Another side-effect is the new structure used from the bot which reduced the complexity a lot already.

Sometimes It's necessary to update the basement to being able to serve new features and this is what I did in the last weeks.

Have a great day!


Published: Dec 12, 2022

Twitter service enhanced

The connection to Twitter now updates the basic information of your profile once a week. For example, if you change your profile picture on Twitter, this information will be updated on Monday at 9 am.

Posts of course will be pulled in a higher frequency but the basic informations are not so often changed. This will decrease the load on the service.


Published: Nov 25, 2022

New feature is coming soon

HNET users will be able to write posts on there profiles.

After writing your article you can easily share your article to your Twitter audience.


Published: Nov 25, 2022